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types of kitchen islands

The 7 Types of Kitchen Islands: Knowing Your Options

Are you tired of your unorganized, dysfunctional, or outdated kitchen? When you begin the kitchen makeover process, you’ll quickly discover just how many options you have for customizing the space to your liking. The different types of kitchen islands can all revitalize your kitchen in varying ways, depending on your project vision, style, and goals. 

Below our team from William Birchard Remodeling, a leading kitchen remodel company in Tucson, discusses the main seven types of kitchen islands. 

1. Galley Islands

Galley islands offer a simple, wide-open counter space without any complicated turns, shapes, or frills. Of all the kitchen island styles, galleys are the most popular, as they provide a center focal point where people can gather. Galley islands work great for large, open-concept kitchens, allowing you to maximize the use of your space by bringing in more storage, plus countertops for appliances and prepping. 

2. L-Shaped Islands

L-shaped islands are shaped like an L, as you’d imagine. The design typically cuts into the shape of your kitchen, creating alleys between the island and your kitchen to optimize your space while adding seating and storage. L-shaped islands can offer a more eye-catching design than galley islands, but they may make it more challenging to navigate around your kitchen. 

3. U-Shaped Islands

U-shaped islands look similar to L-shaped islands, but they curve more softly and gradually, offering a spacious, flexible design without rigid alleyways. Many homeowners prefer this all-in-one design choice offering a unique stylistic flare, ample storage,  and a conversational dining area. 

4. Circular Kitchen Islands

Circular kitchen islands look similar to a galley island but have an extended circular dining table built in, adding a custom flare to your kitchen. While circular islands may not provide the best solution for organizing your kitchen, they can give your space a more interesting visual effect.  

5. Double-Tiered Islands

Double-tiered designs can come in any of the types of kitchen islands described above, as this layout refers to the island’s height. With a double-tier island, the workspace, including the area for the sink and appliances, sits at a standard countertop height for easy prep work. Above this, you have an elevated seating area so guests can sit on higher stools or stand without needing to crouch over. 

6. Rolling Islands

Rolling islands are temporary, small islands you can roll in and out of your space, offering the ideal solutions for smaller kitchens. You can roll them in when you need extra prep space or seating, then move them out of the way when necessary. 

7. Furniture Solutions

Furniture-style islands mimic the design of a furniture piece while still offering the functionality of an island. Furniture islands can offer more of a decorative appearance, but they typically provide minimal storage. 

Choose William Birchard Remodeling for Your Kitchen Makeover 

Now that you know about the different types of kitchen islands, check out our guide on choosing a kitchen layout for more inspiration. When you’re ready to elevate your kitchen, call William Birchard Remodeling at (520) 849-8235 to meet with our expert remodelers. 

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