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what type of paint for kitchen walls

What Type of Paint for Kitchen Walls Should You Use?

While it may not seem like a very significant decision on the functional side of things, the color and type of paint you use for your kitchen walls are important for more than just aesthetics. If you’re wondering what type of paint for kitchen walls you should use, consider all the differences between shiny and matte paints and how they may make your kitchen look and feel.

If you want to learn more about the types of paint you should consider, allow William Birchard Remodeling, an expert kitchen remodel company in Tucson, to show you everything you need to know.

Which Paint Finish for Kitchens Is Best?

While semi-gloss or satin finishes are easier to clean, matte and eggshell finishes can help bring out certain colors and kitchen styles. When determining what type of paint for kitchen walls to use in your home, you need to consider a few different factors. When you choose a paint finish, think about the various benefits and potential drawbacks that come with it.

Satin Paint

Satin paint’s main advantage for your kitchen wall is its ability to be incredibly resistant against food stains and messes. For a busy kitchen, satin paint rules as a great option for those who want a resilient finish.

However, the one drawback concerning satin paint is that it’s more frail when keeping color in the face of sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, satin paint may lose its color quickly compared to other finishes.

Matte Paint

If you’re interested in matte paint for your kitchen, the good news is that this kind of finish brings less shine to your walls, helping them look fresh and clean. It absorbs light, reflecting less and bringing a flatter look to your kitchen.

The only downside to matte paint is that it’s more likely to chip and is more suited for low-traffic areas with less frequent scrubbing. While perfect for brightly covered, large walls, the drawback is that this highly pigmented color is difficult to clean and less moisture-resistant than other paints.

Eggshell Paint

Eggshell, functionally the opposite of gloss, has a low luster, which can help with a busy kitchen wall. If you’re considering eggshell paint, you can find advantages in the fact that it hides imperfections remarkably well, whether it be in a small bit of dirt on a wall or a slight slip-up with the painting job.

For a smooth wall in the sun, eggshell paint works best to reduce lighting and last long under a kitchen window’s light. The only issue with eggshell paint is that it’s slightly more difficult to clean, and it doesn’t have the same moisture resistance that gloss grants. If you’re concerned about kitchen safety, consider opting for paints with higher moisture resistance.

Semi-Gloss Paint

What type of paint for kitchen walls is best in a small room? Semi-gloss paint finishes are resistant to stains, moisture, dirt, mold, and mildew. Because of the gloss, this paint is also highly reflective, making the most of light within a dark room or making a small room look bigger.

Plus, this kind of paint doesn’t wear down easily, making it optimal for kitchens with a lot of activity, scrubbing, and grease. However, part of having paint with this much sheen is the application imperfections; if you fail to apply the paint correctly, it’s visible on your wall.

High-Gloss Paint

High-gloss paint has some of the unfortunate disadvantages that come with your semi-gloss paints, but it comes with the advantages of a glossy finish, making it easy to clean as well as durable. Thanks to the glossy shine of this paint, this finish helps make a small room look bigger.

If you’re thinking of painting your walls a bright color, high-gloss paint can go very well with the aesthetic. This durable, timeless paint is a great option for any kitchen that needs just a tad more shine. 

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