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Can You Replace a Kitchen Sink Without Replacing the Countertop?

Do you want a new kitchen sink but love your countertops? You’re probably wondering, “Can you replace a kitchen sink without replacing the countertop?”

Keep reading to discover what trusted kitchen remodeling contractors in Tucson suggest for replacing a sink without requiring new countertops. You’ll better understand what affects the viability of the process and the steps we use to complete the job.

Factors That Affect Whether You Can Replace the Sink Alone

In many circumstances, we shouldn’t have trouble upgrading your kitchen sink without altering the countertop. However, several factors determine whether we can complete the work successfully.


Size is the most important factor in considering whether you can replace your sink while keeping your counters. For example, if you want to replace your old sink with one of a different size, you won’t find an easy solution. If you’re opting for a larger sink, it’s possible we can create a bigger opening without requiring completely new countertops.

You’ll likely also require a new faucet, which means the clearance above the sink matters, and if your sink is deeper, you also must have enough room in the cabinets below the new fixture.

Mounting Type

Whether you have problems swapping the kitchen sink without changing the countertop depends largely on the mounting of your old sink. For example, if you have a drop-in sink, installing the new one should only require a simple process that won’t damage the surrounding countertops.

Even installing a new under-mounted sink might not pose a problem if your old sink used the same mounting style. If your new sink requires a different type of mounting, you may require additional trim or polish. Our counter experts can often accomplish this without completely replacing your counters.

Counter Material and Condition

Replacing your sink is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your counters to a better material. If you have it in your budget, consider investing in new countertops at that time. 

Some countertop materials are more durable, and in some situations, we can’t remove the sink without causing damage to the material. In this case, you’ll benefit from a new countertop rather than settling for a damaged look.

The Process of Changing the Kitchen Sink Without a Countertop Replacement

Can you replace a kitchen sink without replacing the countertop? Often you can, and if we know we can complete the process, we take the following steps.

1. Gather the Right Materials

Renovating the kitchen sink independently of the countertop requires the right tools in conjunction with the right training and experience. Once we assess the situation, we’ll gather the following materials:

  • A seven-in-one painter’s tool helps us remove the sink without causing damage to your counters.
  • We use a razor blade to remove the putty sealing your sink to the countertops and plumbing.
  • Plastic or wooden wedges can help further break the seal and provide space to grab the sink and lift it out.

2. Disconnect the Plumbing

Disconnecting the plumbing is a crucial step for kitchen safety. We’ll disconnect the plumbing at the sink supply lines and the disposal, so you’ll still have plumbing throughout the rest of your house.

3. Remove the Sink

With the plumbing off, we can confidently go about the process of replacing the sink without the need for a new countertop. Removing the sink is the greatest risk, but our expert installers can perform the job without causing damage to the rest of your kitchen.

We start at the corners of the sink, using the painter’s tool to create space between the old sink and the counter. We then slip the wedges into place to help hold the sink off the countertop. We then continue the process along the front of the sink, then the sides and back, until we adequately break the seal.

In some cases, the wedges aren’t enough to break the seal or caulking and we use the razor blade.

4. Install and Test the New Sink

After successfully maintaining countertop integrity during a kitchen sink replacement, we’ll install the new sink, connect it to the plumbing, and test it out to confirm the quality of our work.

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