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Bathroom Remodel Marana, AZ

What does your dream bathroom look like? Of all the home projects you can think of, a full bathroom remodel is perhaps the most significant. After all, the bathroom is a crucial space for maintaining your health, your hygiene, and relaxation.

If you have an older home that you’ve lived in for a while, you might be unhappy with your outdated bathroom space. Perhaps you could do with some more modern countertops. Maybe you want to update your flooring to natural stone or ceramic or porcelain tiles. Depending on your personal preferences, you may wish to undergo a more extreme bathroom makeover, including an old tub to shower conversion, a shower remodel, or a complete master bathroom remodel from head to toe. Maybe a member of your household has mobility issues and your renovation needs to include lower countertops and cabinets as well as walk in showers with grab bars.

At Birchard Remodeling, we have a proven track record of keeping our Arizona customers extremely happy with our quality work and exceptional customer service. We take great pride in always doing an excellent job and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction for every bathroom project. If you live in Marana, AZ or another of our popular locations in Arizona, read on to find out how you can create your dream bathroom.

How Can a Marana Bathroom Remodeling Project Help You?

Bathroom remodeling services can elevate any master bathroom to a top notch bathroom that any house guest will be envious of. The exact benefits will vary depending on your particular house layout and life style, but here are some of the advantages you can enjoy from your bathroom remodel in Marana.

A More Modern Bathroom

Your bathroom remodelling project gives you the opportunity to replace old and dated floors, bath, shower, or cabinets with new and improved versions. Your master bathroom will be taken into the 21st century, with better floor tile work, remodelling, and a complete overhaul of every installation in the space. Our bathroom remodelers do a fantastic job and will work according to all of your suggestions, preferences, and budget.

Improved Bathroom Layout

Perhaps you wish you could change your bathroom layout, moving everything around to make it more accessible and easy to navigate. You can change your regular shower for a walk in shower, or switch your clunky old bath with a tub to shower conversion. A complete renovation will allow for more floor space and a more enjoyable bathroom experience.

More Aesthetically Pleasing Bathroom

Everyone wants to live in an attractive house, and your bathroom remodeling project can turn your Marana bathroom into a top notch space where you feel relaxed and happy. Our Arizona bathroom remodelers will do an excellent job turning your ideas and suggestions into a complete new reality.
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Marana Bathroom Remodeling and House Renovation Services

Each bathroom remodeling project is unique, and our Marana AZ business provides a huge range of different bathroom remodeling services to homeowners in Arizona. Here are some of the top house renovation and bathroom remodel services we offer.
  • Installation and renovation of bath tubs

  • Walk in shower remodel

  • Tub to shower conversion

  • Floors and tiles installation

  • Countertops and cabinets

  • Plumbing and electrical work

  • Painting and interior trends remodel

In addition to our bathroom remodeling services, our Marana AZ team of bathroom remodelers also provide a wide range of additional house renovation services. This includes kitchen remodel, bedroom remodel, floors, and any other new ideas you can think of. Get in touch for a free estimate and learn more about our professional service. Book your bathroom remodel in Marana AZ today.
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